Microcontroller programming, Firmware development solutions for Sri Lankan companies

TechnoPlus Automation provides middleware and firmware development services for all types of industrial projects in Sri Lanka. With many years of experience in planning, designing and implementing digital embedded solutions, TechnoPlus engineers are capable of developing highly reliable and efficient real-time embedded systems.

Microcontroller programming services for Sri Lankan Industrial companies and factories.
We also provide consultation and on-site training to local companies. Recently we conduct on-site microcontroller courses for MAS-IT Rathmalana, Wayamba University Kuliyapitiya and Bogala Graphite Lanka PLC.

TechnoPlus Automation provides micro-controller programming solutions to wide range of industrial requirements. We provide technology solutions to wide range of business operations from production to transportation. Developing microcontroller programs for pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical  systems are one of our expert domains.

Specialized Solutions:
Software and hardware interface integration
Real-time monitoring systems
Simulator Development
Device driver software/middleware developing
Data communication systems and Communications protocols

Microcontrollers we use: AMTEL, Motorola, PIC

PIC 8bit 16bit microcontrollers:
8-bit PIC MCU: PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18
16-bit PIC MCU: PIC24F, PIC24H, PIC24E,
16-bit dsPIC DSC: dsPIC30F, dsPIC33F, dsPIC33E
32-bit PIC MCU: PIC32

ATMEL microcontroller series:
32-bit AVR UC3, AVR XMEGA microcontroller, megaAVR Microcontroller, 8-bit tinyAVR, Battery Management, Automotive AVR

Motorola microcontroller series:
6800 series: Motorola 68000 (16/32-bit), Motorola 68008 (8/16/32-bit), Motorola 68040,
Motorola 68060
88000 series: (RISC): Motorola 88100/88110
8-bit: Freescale S08
16-bit: Freescale 68HC16, Freescale S12XE, Freescale S12X
M·CORE-based: Freescale MPC5xx, Freescale Pxxxx (QorIQ, e500 core(s))
ARM-based: MXC300-30

Arduino Microcontroller Programming
Arduino Mega2560, Arduino UNO, Arduino Mini, Arduino Nano