Arduino Microcontroller Programming Course | Sri Lanka

Want to learn Arduino Microcontroller programming? You have come to the right place. Arduino is supper easy microcontroller platform which can be consider as the launching pad for beginners

This is an introductory training course for those who want to learn embedded electronics and arduino microcontroller programming from very basic level. Course is suitable for anyone, whatever their age or profession. We teach the very basic theories of embedded electronics and micro-controller programming techniques so that anyone without prior programming experience or electronics can catch-up easily.

Brief Syllabus

Basic of embedded electronics
Arduino development board series (uno, mega, nano, etc.)
Installing & configuring Arduino IDE
Programming techniques (arrays, loops, etc.)
Fundamentals of Arduino language
Interfacing Display systems (LCD, 7 segment)
Connecting input devices (Keypad, buttons)
Interfacing external arduino shields & modules 
Serial communication with computer
Digital to Analog conversion
Analog to Digital conversion
Working with xternal arduino libraries
D/C motor controlling (Stepper, Servo)
Connecting sensors (IR, ultrasonic)

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Resource Person : Mr. Kushan Perera 
Language : Sinhala
Venue383 1/1 Serpentine Road, Borella, Colombo 8 (View Google map)
Course fee: 7000/= (with lunch & refreshments)

Next Course :
Group 1 (weekend)
Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st
Group 2 (weekend)

Arduino Microcontroller Programming Training Videos

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