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Technoplus Automation conduct series of embedded electronics short courses suitable for veteran electronic engineers to upgrade knowledge and for students hoping to pursue career in electronics engineering. These electronics courses are unique and specially give you much needed hands-on experience. [ 
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How to select an Electronics Course in 2017?

Traditional Electronics vs Embedded System Design

Making circuits from ICs is far too old thing now. Still you can find many electronic courses like these in Sri Lanka. With the introduction of microcontrollers making circuits become much easier task. Embedded platforms such as Arduino is taking electronics to a new level. Getting trained on embedded system designing is the way for future.

Why Arduino?

Arduino is an opensource electronic prototyping platform, with support of very strong world-wide developer community. Arduino is user-friendly, easy to learn and easy to program.

Why learn from Technoplus?

All courses are conducted by experienced graduate engineers. We give fully practical based training with minimum duration without wasting your time and money. More than 800 people already attend our courses. Want to know what they say about the courses? Check their reviews and feedback here

Embedded Electronics Courses/Workshops

Technoplus have 6 different embedded electronics courses that really can make you a better engineer. Beginners can start form Arduino microcontroller programming 2-day course to get the basics. After that you can follow other courses one-by-one to improve your expertise on embedded system developing. Contact us if you need consultation on how to select courses.


Our Team

All Technoplus trainers are graduate engineers with more than 10-years of industry experience. Find more details about our training team

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